Endeavor GeoSteering

Long gone are the days where the biggest decision in drilling a oil & gas well was where to place the well.

Pick the location, drill the well, live with whatever path the well bore eventually took and hope for a successful well. That was about all there was to it!

Thanks to advancements in mechanical drilling, technology, directional surveying, and Logging While drilling (LWD), the Geoscientist now can direct or steer a well towards and within a pre-defined geologic layer.

Staying "in zone" results in less costly and more productive wells and this is where Endeavor comes into play...

Endeavor is software that mimics the processes and analysis a Geoscientist would otherwise have to undertake manually when determining a well bore's position relative to a zone of interest.

Using its highly interactive controls, a geoscientist can quickly locate horizons and provide instructions to the drillers. To sample the technology used, try correlating two logs by clicking on the image to the right.