Endeavor is designed to meet the high demands of operators with significant active drilling programs. The process flow is highly optimized, straight forward and fast. Our ultimate goal is to provide rapid yet accurate answers to the question: "are we in zone?".

Endeavor is available two ways:

  • Software Lease
  • Endeavor Geosteering Service

The software is licensed on a per seat basis for specific terms (monthly, yearly, etc.) and is available to operators steeering their own wells or to consultants providing geosteering services. Different pricing structure apply depending on whether or not you steer your own wells.

With the Geosteering Service option, Endeavor Geologic will broker or commission an experienced independent geologist that uses Endeavor to steer your well(s). With this approach, the operator gets to evaluate and choose the best steerer for his project.

For more details on our lease or service options or for a quote, please contact us via our contact page or call us at 832.589.1424. If you are an experienced geosteerer and are interested in our independent consultant positions, we've love to hear from you as well.